• Image of "Waltz" Cards + MAKER Kit Black

"Waltz" Historic image sequence photographed by Edweard Muybridge

Somehow this enigmatic dancing couple seem to project out of the flipping pages into 3 dimensions.

Kit include the classic leatherette finished flip-box that was designed to resemble an old fashioned box camera.

This special bundle includes:
  • Pre-printed animation cards "Waltz"
  • FlipBooKit ORIGINAL - original black cube box
  • Easy-to-Assemble Spindle kit
  • Hardware (rivets to assemble the box)
  • Blank Cards and Labels to make your own animation
  • Instruction Sheet (in English - video instructions are available on our website)

Also, please note that these special issue pre-printed cards are manufactured in small runs and they will sell out intermittently