Mechanical Flipbooks are hancrafted by from kinetic artists, Mark Rosen and Wendy Marvel. They create moving art that tells stories and tickles our sense of nostalgia. Their series of motorized flip books is based on the motion studies of Edweard Muybridge and tours internationally with galleries, art shows and at special events.

"Our foray into flipbook art started in 2009 when we traveled in Europe and the middle east; we fell in love with the mid-twentieth century split-flap or 'solari'. These were the departure/arrival boards in train stations, with their mesmerizing 'click-clack-click-clack'.

Back in L.A., we fed our new mechanical obsession by taking field trips to old aerospace junk yards and rummaging through the obsolete equipment. Wendy was enchanted by the look of it all – corroded metals, gauges, dials and buttons – and the design of a long gone era. Mark, on the other hand was excited about the functional parts and the guts. Having grown exposed to the aerospace industry, he felt nostalgia for the old equipment. We also started interacting with a local hackerspace, and it soon became clear that tech art was a natural progression."

Wendy and Mark live in Venice Beach, CA and also work occasionally in a NY studio in Watkins Glen.

You can see the hand-cranked kits at