In the US, we often ship by USPS priority mail.
That means 3 days - sometimes less, if the shipping destination is in the Northeast or a major US urban center.
These orders are track-able.
Here's a snapshot of the USPS Priority Mail Map or check for yourself at

Our shipping origin zip code is 14850

Also, we sometimes ship using UPS select.

At times, sever weather has interfered with the 3-day guarantee, but that is pretty rare. Winter storms during the Christmas season may cause this scenario. 

Some combo-orders that pack into odd-size or larger boxes have to be sent via service like FedEx or UPS. This is decided by our fulfillment folks (who know their stuff) and delivery times vary. 

We usually send our ship requests in by 10 AM PST, each business day. Shipments go out in the afternoon - In rare instances, shipments will go out an occasional Saturday during the "holiday deadline days" (like before Valentines day and Christmas). We sometimes upload last minute orders at the last possible deadline, noon pacific time.


We don't know why, but packages to Canada have become expensive. The first pound (as in one flipbookit) is in the $30 range. The next few pounds are much cheaper. In the interest of neighborly commerce, we've absorbed some of this cost. We don't understand why postage between neighbor-countries should get this costly, and we hope to find a lower cost solution. Surry aboot the inconvenience.


Internationally, we mostly use FedEx International Economy. Expect these orders to take 10-days, typically faster (6-7).

This FedEx service varies by region, but in general, will ship in bulk to a given region or country's depot and then each article is mailed via post. These orders are track-able (and we all pay extra for that).
FedEx seems to promise 5-day-or-better delivery to most destinations, we have seen that when customs are involved it may take 10 days.

If your destination is in Japan, please use English characters for the shipping address.

Unfortunately we've had too many incidents with a few countries that make shipping prohibitively expensive. If you live in one of those countries, we apologize (and sympathize) if this affects you. But when a package is sent overseas and rejected one of 2 things happen:

1. It is a total loss. Package is abandoned and customer is angry and we are angry.


2. It automatically gets sent back and we must pay BOTH freights plus a batch of additional fees. For a $49 product, we would have lost about $100.

DUTIES: A Special Note

We have no control over customs/duties and have found that duties/fees can be wildly inconsistent in most countries. If a customs clerk chooses a ridiculously high duty for your package, we are just as upset as you, but we are not responsible.
If that happens, send us an email. We'll try our best to help.

A customer's refusal to pay duties are not grounds for a refund (because we are then stuck with return shipping fees or an abandoned shipment). Please be a good free-market citizen and raise public awareness in your community and at the governmental level. Governments should encourage business and international commerce.